Thursday, December 07, 2006

To See: 300

I've intended on seeing 300 for as long as I knew it was being adapted to movie form, but that's more out of my interest in the actual historical event than the fact that it's based on a Frank Miller graphic novel. The half of Miller's stuff that I like (Sin City, Batman: Year One, Dark Knight Returns, etc.), I really like. The half that I don't care so much for (Spawn, Dark Knight Strikes Again, All-Star Batman and Robin, etc.), makes me not automatically assume that I'm going to like something just because it's got his name on it.

My anticipation of 300 has been pretty low-key until lately, because all the promotional imagery I saw for it was just a bunch of folks standing around in front of blue screens. What's changed and made me full-on excited for this movie, is that the trailer has come out. 300 is going to be a stunningly beautiful film.

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