Monday, November 21, 2005

I Bet I Think This Song Is About Me

I swear I don't do this a lot, but I was bored on Friday and Googled myself. *snicker* There were a lot of links to reviews and whatnot that weren't surprising, but I found myself in some surprising places too and thought I'd share.

Thanks to an interview I did with editor Bon Alimagno, I'm mentioned on the front page of right now.

My goofy report of this year's MicroCon somehow made it to Comic Book

I learned that Comic World News is fed into a site called and is at the top of their page.

A blog about Canadian comics (especially ones from Montreal) mentioned a review I did of a Canadian vampire comic.

This one's not really about me, but apparently there's a cartoonist out there with my name. The mischievous part of me wonders if he'd like to work on something together.

I always love it when I "get" in a review what a creator's trying to accomplish, so this quote from Barb Lien-Cooper was very cool to read: "I think this may be my favorite quote about Gun Street Girl, more than the words like 'brilliant' and the comparisons to Gaiman or Willingham or Bendis: 'The beauty of the series is that it concentrates on great characters so that it’s able to explore all kinds of stories about them without fear of our losing interest. And we don’t. They become our friends.' –Michael May, Comic World News." Yeah, I realize how sad it is that I'm quoting someone who's quoting me, but it does make me happy.

Finally, "Completely Cold" is mentioned in the Comic Book Series Wiki entry for IDW's Angel. They don't make a judgment of its quality, but its nice to know that somebody noticed.

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