Monday, September 19, 2005

The All-New, All-Different PULL LIST!

I’ve got to do something a little different with the Pull List quick reviews at Comic World News. Up until now, it’s been a forum for me to discuss single-issue comics that are either sent to me or that I’ve put on the pull list at my local store. Good, bad, and in-between, I’ve talked about them all. Lately though, I can’t bring myself to talk about books that don’t deserve talking about. I feel like talking about Good Comics.

So, I’m changing the focus of Pull List for the foreseeable future and making it a weekly list of recommendations. Stuff that should be on your pull list. It may be an indie comic that needs more attention, or it may be a mainstream title that you’ve written off just because it’s part of an Event, but it’ll all be stuff that deserves to be read.

The last couple of weeks have reflected this change.

Pull List 9-8-05:
The Dreamland Chronicles #1-3
Villains United #5
Seven Soldiers: Guardian #4
Y: The Last Man #37
Vampirella: Blood Lust #1-2
Witchblade #89
Sea of Red #4
Fell #1

Pull List 9-14-05:
JLA #118
Fables #41
Ferro City #2
X-Men #175
Rocketo #2

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