Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Comic World News

I've been doing some thinking lately about Comic World News and my attitude towards what we do there. Specifically, my decision-making process (as informal as it is) about what kind of material we run.

Up until recently, I pretty much ran any press release that came my way and I worked on interviews and features that I thought people would enjoy reading about. Well, no more! No, siree!

It's just me finally getting comfortable in my role as Editor in Chief, but I'm learning that the deciding factor about what CWN covers is: what do I think is interesting? Not how many readers do I think it'll bring, just "do I think it's cool?" As I wrote in the most recent CWN newsletter, the best writers don't worry about reader reaction to a story before the story is written. They just write the kinds of stories that they'd like to read themselves. And I think the same applies to editors of websites.

It's a liberating mindset. I'm not frozen in fear as I look at potential interview candidates wondering which will bring the most readers to the site. I can just pick the one that interests me most right then. And I can be picky about which press releases I run (although that means I'll have to stop and consider my reaction to each one before just copy/pasting it). In the end, I think it'll make the interviews/features more frequent (a new one each month is my goal) and the headlines more useful.


Anonymous said...

It's my firm belief that CWN requires 13,27% more GAV.

Michael May said...

I think your percentage is too low, but otherwise I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

How can we possibly resolve this terrible percentage problem?

C-can i get a job?! :D

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