Thursday, May 26, 2005

Catching Up: CWN Reviews and Salome

I honestly don't feel like I've been slacking off, but I have very little writing to show for the past week. Even my online activity has taken a hit.

I'm playing catch up now though and just posted a couple of reviews at CWN as well as a column at Pop Thought about how I'm sick of writing about Revelations, so I'm not gonna do it anymore.

The first CWN review I posted is of Moonstone's first compilation of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries. It's written by a local guy named Martin Powell. I worked with Martin's girlfriend one Christmas at Barnes & Noble and finally got around to buying his book at last year's FallCon. That I've just now read it tells you how far behind I am on my reading list. I'm currently reading Phil Hester's The Coffin, also purchased at last year's FallCon.

What's sadder than that is that the other CWN review is last week's Pull List. If I was on the ball, I would've posted this week's Pull List today.

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