Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Okay, NOW I'm ready!

I just made preview books for a couple of upcoming projects, Three Days the Devil Danced and Quartet of Crime. The previews are all nice and big and laminated and bound and pretty. I'm going to have them at MicroCon on Sunday.

Speaking of MicroCon, I had coffee with PopThought's Alex Ness last Saturday. Well, he had coffee. I had a sissy, coffee-free Strawberry Frappacino. It was tasty though and Alex is a great guy and fun to talk to. A friend of Alex's named Barb Schulz was going to join us, but circumstances prevented her being there. That relates to MicroCon because Barb's an artist and comics inker and will be at the convention, so my list of people to see just got longer by one.


alex-ness said...

I like Strawberries but dood, coffee is always better.

I hope to go to Microcon, but if not have a great one.

Next time, we hit uptown and Dreamhaven!

Michael May said...

You've got yourself a deal! I love uptown and Dreamhaven, but haven't visited either in too long.


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