Friday, April 17, 2009

Velcome to MicroCon. Moo'bleh!

Jess Hickman and I will be giving away stickers and postcards with this on it at MicroCon on Sunday, April 26, so please come by if you're in town and we'll all giggle about udders.

Incidentally, I somehow accidentally scored top billing on the otherwise-alphabetical MicroCon Guest List. Don't tell!


houseofduck said...

You got moved to the top and I was removed???

Michael May said...

You were removed? That's not good. Have you called them to see what happened?

houseofduck said...

Yeah I was told I still have a table so I am not worried about it.

Got the usagi books in the con box for you to borrow.

Michael May said...

Yay! Thanks! I'm looking forward to those.

Jason Copland said...

They're making up for you being last on the FallCon list, last year. :)


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