Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monster Week: Miscellaneous Monsters

Adventure into Terror!

By Colleen Coover.

Dylan Dog movie

I think I knew they were making a Dylan Dog movie. What's news to me is that Taye Diggs is playing the bad guy. What's sad is that - if I'm completely honest - this is way more interesting to me as Private Practice news than as monster news.

Dracula and Frankenstein vs. The Incredible Umbrella

Mike Sterling uncovered this book in his preparations for a paperback book show and rightfully decided to hold onto it for himself. It's also got Sherlock Holmes and I'm guessing some pirates amongst other Victorian Whathaveyou, so on the Wish List it goes.

"I asked for a pony..."

Why I Love Sam Hiti, Reason No. 685

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