Friday, May 26, 2017

Introducing Southern Charm

My pal Jody Collins is from Knoxville, Tennessee and he wanted to start a podcast that takes a positive look at Southern culture. Since I'm a Southern transplant to Minnesota, he asked if I'd be into joining him for it, and of course I am.

The first episode is out and I think it's pretty great. We open and close with songs by Southern musicians, talk about our individual histories with the South, discuss the work of photographer Jack Spencer, and then Jody wraps up with his recipe for fried okra. If that sounds like your glass of tea, you should give it a listen.

Garden & Gun article on Jack Spencer

Spencer's book is This Land: An American Portrait

Intro Music: "What's She Found" by The V-Roys

Outro Music: "Devil's Teeth" by Muddy Magnolias

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