Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Western Wednesday: Hawken

Tim Truman's one of the people most responsible for making Jonah Hex cool again, so it's exciting that he's got another Weird Western coming in November. According to the press release, "Hawken tells the story of aging gunman Kitchell Hawken and his bloody, one-man vendetta against the Tucson Ring, a brotherhood of arms merchants and corrupt politicians who once employed him."

Where the Weird comes in is with his traveling companions: the ghosts of every person he's ever killed, cursed to assist the old man against their wills. "In many ways," Truman says, "it’s not the ghosts who haunt Hawken; it’s Hawken who haunts them. They try to trip him up at every turn."

Hawken is a six-issue limited series and is written by Truman's son, Ben Truman, who developed the story with his dad on an Arizona road trip.
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