Tuesday, April 26, 2011

100 Things I Love About The Movies

Inspired by Cinema Fanatic and Jason.

1. Raul Julia and Angelica Huston as Gomez and Morticia Addams
2. Harrison Ford's caving to Gary Oldman in order to save his daughter's life in Air Force One
3. Grumpy the dwarf
4. Nick and Nora
5. Disney's version of Captain Nemo's Nautilus
6. Mr. Whitmore and Helga in Atlantis: The Lost Empire
7. The five notes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind
8. Both performances of Peter Pan in Finding Neverland
9. Ernest as the snake farmer in Ernest Saves Christmas
10. Bowing to the Hobbits in Return of the King

11. Alastair Sim's standing on his head in Scrooge
12. Michael Wincott's voice
13. Tracey Walter and Grace Jones' giving Olivia d'Abo a sex ed lesson in Conan the Destroyer
14. Helvetica Black's theme song in Shorts
15. Bill Murray's almost having a perfect Groundhog Day, but screwing it up because Andie Macdowell thinks he's been stalking her
16. Watching the Harry Potter cast grow up
17. Robert Downey Jr.'s comeback
18. Alfred Hitchcock's surprises
19. Errol Flynn's swagger
20. Kate Beckinsale's look in Underworld

21. Jean Rogers as Dale Arden in Flash Gordon
22. Mysterious strangers in boarding houses
23. Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent
24. "In space no one can hear you scream."
25. Kirk's refusing to lose in Wrath of Khan
26. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
27. Syndrome's island base in The Incredibles
28. River Tam's becoming badass in Serenity
29. Hulk vs. tanks in the desert in Ang Lee's Hulk
30. Friends becoming lovers as in Some Kind of Wonderful and When Harry Met Sally...

31. The creature from the Black Lagoon
32. Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3
33. The Dread Pirate Wesley
34. Robert Newton as Long John Silver
35. Joe Jr. in While You Were Sleeping
36. Any Vera Ellen dance number in White Christmas
37. The cantina scene in Star Wars
38. Orson Welles' laugh
39. Cary Grant's suits
40. John Hughes' soundtracks

41. Every song in Disney's The Jungle Book
42. "No smoking in the Skull Cave."
43. Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan yell
44. Maureen O'Sullivan's outfit in Tarzan and His Mate
45. Buster Keaton's lack of facial expression
46. Clint Eastwood's squint
47. Bela Lugosi's accent
48. The flying cars in Blade Runner
49. The Star Destroyer fly-over at the beginning of Star Wars
50. "I don't know. I'm making this up as I go along."

51. Batman's trying to get rid of a bomb in the 1966 Batman
52. Yvonne's crying during "La Marseillaise" in Casablanca (hell, the whole scene)
53. "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho."
54. John Rambo outnumbered in the woods or jungle
55. "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves, Moriarty?"
56. Keira Knightley in King Arthur
57. Angelina Jolie's lips
58. Jody Foster's voice
59. Jody Foster's legs in Inside Man
60. Gerard Butler as Alex Rover in Nim's Island

61. Peter Lorre's eyes
62. Claude Rains' voice
63. George Sanders' voice
64. Ingrid Bergman's face
65. Sean Connery's first line in Dr. No
66. Harrison Ford as the bellhop in Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round
67. The theme song to Diamonds Are Forever
68. Roger Moore's pushing a car - with the villain still inside - over a cliff with his foot in For Your Eyes Only
69. Eddie Murphy's improv in his early films
70. Nicole Kidman's hair in Far and Away

71. The Bride of Frankenstein's hair and dress
72. Lou Costello when he's scared
73. German Expressionism
74. Lon Chaney Jr. as Larry Talbot
75. Everything about Curse of the Demon
76. Captain Jack Sparrow
77. Ray Parks in Phantom Menace and Sleepy Hollow
78. The Monster's fur vest in Son of Frankenstein
79. Brandon Lee on the fire escape in The Crow
80. Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys

81. Sidney Poitier's "I owe you nothing" speech to his dad in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
82. Harrison Ford's hat in American Graffiti
83. The last five minutes of Rocky
84. The leg lamp in A Christmas Story
85. Helena Bonham Carter in period dramas
86. John Bender in The Breakfast Club
87. Steff in Pretty in Pink
88. The baby name suggestions during the credits of She's Having a Baby
89. Kenneth Branagh and Shakespeare
90. Keira Knightley's making my heart stop in Love Actually

91. King Kong's fighting three T-Rexes in Peter Jackson's version
92. The music in Gojira
93. "I am not a gun."
94. "I thought you said your dog did not bite." "That is not my dog."
95. Hilary Swank as Maggie Fitzgerald in Million Dollar Baby
96. Ian McKellen's "butter" sermon in Cold Comfort Farm
97. Don Cheadle as Mouse in Devil in a Blue Dress
98. John Travolta's watching A Touch of Evil in Get Shorty
99. Ashley Judd's sweat in A Time to Kill
100. Keyser Söze
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