Friday, March 29, 2024

Religion and Politics

So, nope. I'm not going to talk about God. At least not in a lot of specific detail.

I wrote a long post with some personal history that set the table for future posts about the evolution of my theology. But then I realized that I couldn't post it. It indirectly referred to people whom I'm still close to, but disagree fundamentally with on some things. And while it's highly unlikely any of them would read this, it's also possible that they could.

I tend to agree with the wisdom of not talking about religion and politics with just anyone. There are times when I'm comfortable expressing my opinions about those things to strangers, mostly when those opinions are about basic principles like "love your neighbor, including your enemies." But digging into the details of what that looks like on a practical level... that needs a lot of nuance and grace. Things that talking on the Internet isn't designed for.

So I'm still thinking about what I might do with this place. 

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