Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Movies I Missed in 2015: Part 1

As usual, I'm gonna spend the month of January looking back at the movies of 2015. And as usual, before I rank the ones I saw, I'll spend some time listing the ones I wanted to see, but didn't.

The Missed List is usually smaller than the Watched List, but it gained ground in 2014 and actually caught up in 2015. As of right now, there are 36 movies on both lists. Lots of reasons for that, most of them boring. But because I hope to sneak a couple of movies off the Missed List and onto the Watched this month, I'm going to break the Missed List into a few sections, giving me time to watch a couple of them before I reach the end. Again as usual, I'm listing these more or less in the order they were released.

Feel free to let me know in the comments which I need to bump to the top of the To Watch List.

1. Paddington

Trailers for this made it seem like the last thing I'd want to watch - a slapsticky affair trying to draw humor from putting refined Hugh Bonneville in ridiculous situations. But by all accounts - and I do mean all - this is really good and touching and I need to give it a look.

2. Match

Love all of these actors, especially Patrick Stewart, and this looks like a great role for him. Lots of character stuff with a little mystery thrown in for fun. Should've seen this by now.

3. McFarland USA

I'm a sucker for underdog movies and I like the cast of unknowns. Except for Costner, of course, but lately he's been resurrecting the good will I felt for him early in his career.

4. Everly

Salma Hayek plays a woman under siege in her own apartment. Trailer makes it look less like The Panic Room and more like Machete though, so I'm very curious.

5. The Salvation

Seems like every year there's a Western that I totally missed hearing anything about. This time it's got Le Chiffre and Vesper Lynd and I'm all in.

6. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Loved the first one and I have every reason to believe I'll love the second one, but its mere existence feels unnecessary to me. I didn't really want more with these characters, but now that there is more, I'm compelled to revisit them.

7. Cinderella

Not my favorite fairy tale and I was super irritated that the trailer told the entire story. That's always a sure way to keep me out of the theater. I'm fond of Kenneth Branagh though and I've heard that he does put fingerprints on the story instead of just straightforwardly retelling it, so I'm curious.

8. It Follows

I'm picky about the horror movies I watch, so I rarely go when they first come out. Instead, I'll wait and listen for the buzz to figure out what the good ones are. This one has a swarm around it.

9. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

I have no idea what to expect from this other than it looks gorgeous and the Coen Bros' Fargo is a driving force in the plot. Curiosity engaged.

10. Woman in Gold

I either love or am fond of so many people in this movie: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, Charles Dance, and Elizabeth McGovern. And I'm interested in the themes about art and ownership that The Monuments Men thought about, but didn't explore fully enough for my taste. Also: courtroom drama.
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