Sunday, September 19, 2010

The One Lovely Blog Award

Kristopher and Crew's Rodents of Unusual Size blog was nice enough to honor me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks, K&C!

The idea is to pick fifteen "enjoyable and deserving blogs that you've recently discovered." It's always hard to pick just a few out of the many enjoyable and deserving blogs that I read, but the "recently discovered" caveat helps me narrow the list (though "recent" is pretty subjective).

I've divided these into categories for your convenience:

1. The Artfolio of Rosh
2. Kt Shy's Sketch-a-ma-blog!
3. Kyle Latino
4. Giant-Size Geek
5. George O'Connor's Online Sketchbook

Comics and Pop Culture Commentary
6. 4th Letter
7. Too Busy Thinking About My Comics
8. That F'ing Monkey
9. Flick Attack
10. Shanna the She-Devil Blogger

Actual Comics
11. Diversions of the Groovy Kind
12. Gold Key Comics!
13. Wondermark

Humor and Writing
14. Catalog Living
15. SlushPile Hell
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