Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lost: The End

I'm way late talking about this, so just some quick thoughts on the end of Lost.

I've held off buying the DVDs because I wanted to see how the show ended before deciding if I wanted to own the whole thing. I won't be buying the DVDs.

The SPOILER-filled why not, after the break.

I haven't been an obsessive Lost fan. I haven't been one of those folks who kept a notebook by the TV to track every hint and clue. That said, there were a couple of huge mysteries early on that really captured my imagination and I wanted to know the answers to: Walt's superpowers and the prophecies of doom surrounding Aaron. Neither of which (unless I've missed something) have been explained. Disappointing.

But yes, I understand that for the show's producers, it's all about the characters and the drama. I heard that message loud and clear these last couple of months and adjusted my expectations accordingly. And for the most part, the finale delivered on that in spades. How cathartic to see Sawyer and Juliet together again. How perfect to have Hurley become the island's protector with Ben as his second. How wonderful that Sun and Jin have a second chance at life with their daughter. How awesome that Locke's alive and walking again. And I freaking cried when Claire and Charlie reconnected. I guess I'd forgotten how much I'd invested in them as a couple.

But, oh wait. None of that actually counts (except for the Hurley and Ben part). Because the "sideways" world, that I was so loving and becoming invested in up until the last few minutes of the episode, isn't any kind of reality at all. It's some kind of after-life meet-up spot outside of time that the characters have created for themselves so that they can enter the real after-life together. In other words, everyone's dead and we've been watching them in Heaven all season as they start to remember their physical lives.


I wanted more for them than that. A lot more.

So, yes, I get that it's all about the characters and their relationships. But that's exactly why I'm disappointed with how it ended. Jack died alone on the island. Locke was still strangled by Ben in a hotel room. Charlie's still lying at the bottom of the ocean. Who the hell knows what happened to crazy Claire when she got home? Or to Kate? Or Sawyer? All I know about Sawyer is that he spent the rest of his life mourning Juliet. Knowing that he found her again in Heaven doesn't make that better for me.
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