Friday, May 08, 2009

Which Famous Adventurer are You?

Someone sent me a link to this quiz and it looked like exactly the sort of thing I need to know about myself. It's also one of the nicest designs I've ever seen for this kind of thing (probably because it's sponsored by a travel site).

So anyway, I took it.

Which Adventurer Are You?

I haven't read or seen a lot of Allan Quartermain, so I don't know how accurate this is, but the feeling I get - based on the answers I was giving - is that Quartermain must be more planful about his adventures than Indiana Jones. I know a couple of my answers were very Indy-like, but for the most part he's way more reckless than I am.

Click on the "I am Allan Quartermain" badge if you want to take it yourself.

1 comment:

Wings said...

I actually got "Indiana Jones". The 10-year-old in me went "woohoo!"



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