Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing is Hard: Convention Sketching for Writers

I'm always envious of my artist friends who can bring people to their convention tables (and make some money besides) with sketches, but I made peace a long time ago with the knowledge that writers just don't have that same - pardon the pun - draw. At least I had until today.

Today is the day that I learned about Matt (Strangeways) Maxwell's World-Famous Entirely Fabulous & Fictitious Five-Minute Stories. Matt's a fellow Robot 6er and an online pal of mine, but who knew that he's also a genius?

It's too late for me to get comfortable enough with this idea for me to do it at MicroCon, but I'm totally stealing it. Here's an example of one of Matt's stories, by the way, using the words "Judge," "Dredd," and "prom."

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