Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monster Week: Giant Ones

Lost & Found

By Otis Frampton. Dinosaurs are sort of giant monsters, right?

The Savage Swarm

By Ed Valigursky.

Le Kong!

I think I prefer the French version.* Thanks to Brother Calvin and his Canadian Cave of Cool for finding this. I have to exercise a lot of willpower in picking what to link to on his site. There's just so much cool stuff. If you like what I'm doing here, you have to be reading Calvin's blog too.

Not only do you get awesome stuff like "Who's Having the Worst Day?"...

...but Calvin also provides an invaluable public service with his constant watchdogging of the evil cephalopodic forces that threaten us all. I'll definitely be linking to some of that in the future. It's too important to ignore.

Speaking of Evil Cephalopodic Forces...

By Das Chupa.

Monster Attack Network movie

Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman’s giant-monster graphic novel Monster Attack Network is being produced at Disney. If anyone else wants to make a giant monster movie - maybe one where the giant monsters fight giant robots - I've got just the story for you.

*Edited to Add: Christopher Mills has more info on the "French" Kong film in the comments: "That poster is for the Korean-made Kong knock-off A*P*E, which Dino DeLaurentis successfully manged to keep out of U.S. distribution back in 1976, though it played elsewhere around the world. It's horrible."
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