Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catch that Robot!

I'm trying not to horde links any more. It's going to take a while to get there, but eventually I hope to be able to post about things within a day or so after seeing them.

That includes updates on my Robot 6 posting, so to that end here's what I've done so far in April:

What Looks Good for June

Review: SLG's Captain Blood #1

Review: Anna Mercury


Siskoid said...

Did you check out Jamie Delano's Rawbone?

Not that I'm recommending it - I found it a little stomach turning - but it's pirates!

Michael May said...

I'm in full wait-for-the-trade mode on just about everything, so I haven't read it yet.

I was pretty excited about it, but I've heard from several people that it's excessively graphic and flowery. Someone (I forget who) said that if you like Tales of the Black Freighter you'll like this. That makes me think it may not be my jug of rum.

Matt Shepherd said...

Thanks for the review -- I responded at length on the review site itself, and appreciate your taking the time to check the book out.

Michael May said...

Thanks, Matt! I replied there too, but in case you read this first, here's what I said:

I still think there ought to be a way of beginning at the beginning and making it exciting, but I'm very aware that I'm saying that as someone who hasn't gone through the exercise of actually trying to do it. That both you and Rod Lott (the Graphic Classics adapter) made the same choice makes me question my instinct, which is most likely what bothers me the most. :)

At any rate, I enjoyed the issue a lot and I'm looking forward to reading the complete story.


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