Thursday, March 05, 2009

We can't waste more time on your ridiculous "Atlantis"

Google Ocean

Thanks, Otis!

Moby Dick

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has tons of great whale-huntin art by Mead Schaeffer.

Pirate improv

Siskoid was in a pirate improv and he can prove it.

Your 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Picture of the Week

By Édouard Riou.


More from Otis Frampton. He and his wife Leigh are working on an animated short film called Zeek!. I don't know what it's about yet, but from Otis' production journal I can tell that it'll have submarines, jungle islands, waterfalls, giant bug monsters, and at least part of it takes place in outer space. In other words: awesome.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie

Illustration by Matthew Clark.

The Dawn Treader movie sails along without Disney. It's got a writer and a release date already. I'm glad to see that it's going to be a Christmas film again. I think a huge part of Prince Caspian's problem was that they wanted it to be a summer blockbuster and it just wasn't designed to be that kind of movie.

"The Fake"

The fourth story in this long post at Golden Age Comic Book Stories is about a sailor who claims to have found Atlantis. The story's not that good actually, but the art is fantastic especially when the sailor goes into Atlantis to look around.

The Aquaman Problem

Dorian explains why there's nothing wrong with Aquaman's core concept and theorizes that the character's lameness is directly related to the amount that writers deviate from that core.

As much as I don't disagree with Dorian, I'd be really interested in reading a story like the one that J Kempf suggests:
"What if Aquaman wasn't a hero?" Oh, sure, he has done lots of heroic things, but what if he did them for terrible reasons? That's when I started to think that maybe Aquaman, as well as the rest of the Atlanteans, were further removed from humanity than we thought, and, if so, what it would be that they really want?
On the other hand...

This gal seems to like Aquaman just the way he is.

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