Friday, January 30, 2009

Writing is Hard: Alternatives to Print

Building on Wednesday's post about the profitability of webcomics, I'm adding Fleen to my web-reading. I know absolutely nothing about webcomics, but I'm all kinds of intrigued now and Fleen seems to be a good place to learn more.

Take this recent post about knowing how to give your web audience what it wants:
To make a living from your website, you need a website that serves the needs of people who will give you money.

Web design, effective communication with audiences, community building … these are all skills that must be practiced and learned.
That's sort of terrifying, but it also sounds like a fun challenge.

Another option I'd previously dismissed and am now reconsidering is Print on Demand. I'm not quite as excited about it as webcomics, but I'm at least easing up on my resistance to it, especially as a potential way to publish collections of webcomics. I think I'll always rather have a publisher, but self-publishing is becoming more and more acceptable, even in the prose world.

I'm not completely sold on POD yet, but for my future reference, here's an overview of the most popular comics POD houses.

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