Thursday, January 22, 2009

Master of the Seven Seas

Fresh Prince of Ocean Air

So, did you hear who McG wants to play Captain Nemo in his 20,000 Leagues prequel? I'm more skeptical and less open-minded than before.

I like Will Smith. He's got a lot of charisma and he's very entertaining to watch. But I have yet to see a single one of his movies that stuck with me past my walking out of the theater. I don't have a problem with fluff, but I would love for a 20,000 Leagues movie to be more than that. The original was fun too, but it was also a lot more than just a popcorn movie.

Dawn Treader still sailing

The LA Times reports that disappointing financial performance of the first two Narnia films isn't what made Disney drop out of the next installment, the sea adventure Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was an already bitter relationship between Disney and Walden based on disagreements over how to split the substantial Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe profits and how to market Prince Caspian.

In another LA Times article, TV critic Mary McNamara scolds Disney for being short-sighted about the potential for future Narnia installments, particulary Dawn Treader.
So, part two, Prince Caspian, didn't make a gazillion dollars. What a surprise. Prince Caspian was always the dud, relatively speaking, of the series. For fans who read and reread The Chronicles of Narnia, it was the one you could skip. The fact that Prince Caspian the movie did as well as it did was a miracle, and a testament to the filmmakers.

...Cinematically, Dawn Treader is a no-brainer. It's a sea voyage, for Pete's sake. There's a dragon and missing knights and a wizard and all manner of magic involved. The moral ambiguity of slavery, the deleterious effect of great wealth, the meaning of the afterlife are all dealt with in entertaining and thrilling ways.
Apparently, other studios are already interested in the movie with Fox being the front-runner and Sony and Warner Bros. close behind. This is good news because I totally agree with McNamara. Dawn Treader should be awesome whether or not Disney can see it.

Trilobis 65 Floating Home

Dave Campbell has exactly the right attititude about the Trilobis 65 Floating Home: "Give to me!"

I'm selling everything I have to buy this thing. If only I'd bought that copy of the Spider-Man/Obama comic so that I could now reap the sweet, sweet financial rewards of that investment.
Trilobis 65 has been designed on four separate levels connected by a spiraling staircase.

The top level is 3.5 metres above sea level. The next level is at 1.4 metres above sea level and hosts the daylight zone with all services and allowing outdoor access. The third level is situated at 0.8 metre below sea level, semi-submerged, and is devoted to the night-time zone. At 3.0 metres below sea level, totally submerged, there is the underwater observation bulb, an intimate and mediative place.

The shape of Trilobis 65 allows the annular aggregation of more modular units, creating island colonies.
Just in case you skimmed through the quote and missed that last part, you can use your awesome futuristic sea-home not only to rule the seven seas, but also to "create island colonies."

Watch out Aquaman. There's a new Ocean Master coming.

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