Saturday, January 31, 2009

Land of the Lost trailer

Anyone who's been holding out hope that the Will Farrell Land of the Lost movie might not completely suck should quit doing that right now. You can cringe at the trailer for yourself at the bottom of this post (the first scene in it should be all it takes), but let's point out a couple of things.

First, Cha-Ka looks like he's going to be played as an idiot. Look how stupidly happy he is to be giving Will Farrell that present. Then watch the trailer and see what happens when Farrell accepts it. Why would Cha-Ka give him that? Cha-Ka was smart on the show. Granted that this is only a few seconds of film, but it looks like Cha-Ka's going to be just as dumb as Farrell's Rick Marshall. Ha ha, stupid monkey-boy.

Even the Sleestak's look silly.

And then there's the whole thing looking like it was shot in the desert. Were green-screen jungles too expensive?

I don't know why I'm disappointed. This is exactly what I expected as soon as I heard that Will Farrell was involved.


houseofduck said...

Did you hear that?

That was the last little piece of the innocence of my childhood going down the drain...

So sad.

Chris said...

Hmm i think this is going to be great, you know the original creators are apart of this project? I've seen lots of stuff, looks pretty faithful to it if you ask me


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