Friday, January 30, 2009

Fishnet Fridays: Smallville Zatanna and Black Canary's angry creator

Zatanna on Smallville

So the big news this week was that Zatanna's going to be on Smallville and she's going to be really, really hot. I almost care.

I'd care a lot more if Smallville hadn't already killed my interest in its version of a character I like even more than Zatanna. I'll be watching for stills of Serinda Swan in costume and that'll determine whether or not I watch this show again after a couple of blissful years of skipping it.

I got cranky thinking about Smallville, so...

Here's something to put me in a better mood.

By Cal Slayton.

More mood improvement

A couple of Black Canary sketches

By Rob Ullman.

By Victor Santos.

Carmine Infantino vs. DC Comics

Black Canary's co-creator (along with writer Bob Kanigher) Carmine Infantino wrote a letter to DC Comics complaining - amongst other things - about not getting paid for his creation.
Concerning the lack of payment for my creation “The Black Canary”: it may be your legal right but have you no concern for the moral issue?
I'm not informed enough about the details to comment on it (except in a very general way that writers and artists ought to be fairly compensated for their work, and that "fairly" isn't necessarily a synonym for "according to the contract"), so I'm just pointing out that the letter exists.


Siskoid said...

Decades of not saying anything and suddenly Infantino wants compensation?

I would too if my creation was being drawn by Ed Benes monthly. No really. That's the place at which I would draw the line for "fair use".

Michael May said...


It looks like his buttons got pushed by the DC Vault book's not painting him in a favorable light. I'm trying not to make any judgments based on that.

Landroid said...

I'm glad you liked my Cal Slayton Zatanna. She is rocking out in my office.

-Lan Pitts


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