Friday, September 05, 2008

The Power You Possess

Fan-made Wonder Woman movie poster

"Coming Soon" is a lie since there is no movie, but dang, doesn't it make you wish there was one? Starring Jennifer Connelly?

While we're on the topic

There was a lot of brouhaha over Warner Brothers' announcing that they'd be rebooting the Superman movie franchise rather than continuing the storyline started in Superman Returns.

Most of the commentary has focused on WB Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov's comment that they would "try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it," but that's not what interests me. As long as the movies are good, the characters can be dark, light, or polka-dotted.

What I like is WB's "taking a page from Marvel," as my Newsarama compadre Kevin Melrose puts it. "Warner Bros. has reversed its earlier position of using the now-stalled Justice League of America as a launching pad for other DC properties. Instead, it will focus on solo features to build toward a multicharacter film." No one directly mentions Wonder Woman, but surely this is good news for a live-action Wonder Woman film. Maybe that'll encourage Joel Silver to finally figure out what kind he wants to make.

Alan Kistler's Wonder Woman Files

This is mainly so I can find it later, but Alan Kistler's excellent survey of Wonder Woman and her creator William Moulton Marston is as entertaining as it is educational. Well worth exploring if you're interested in the historical background of the character.

All Star Wonder Woman update

CBR has a very cool interview with Adam Hughes about his plans for All Star Wonder Woman. Adam says he'd like it to be done next year, but what's most interesting to me is the last bit in the conversation where he talks about what's interesting in Wonder Woman to him.

The thing that grabs me about her is what would compel a person to leave a perfect place and come to a flawed place. Paradise Island, there is nothing wrong there. They have no crime. They have no war. All they have is art and beauty and everything that is great in life. Why would she want to come to man’s world? Is she a missionary? Does she want to go to the deepest, darkest corners of the world and preach the gospel to the heathens? Does she just have insatiable curiosity? Does she want to just see what’s over the next hill? That’s the hook for me.
I think he's dead on. It's a part of the Wonder Woman story that needs updating. In the original version, she came to man's world to fight Nazis because she saw them as a threat to democracy, an ideal that Amazons shared with the US. I never bought George Perez's explanation in the '80s reboot. Looking forward to seeing how Adam answers that question.

He also says that while there's no actual supervillain in the story, "There is tons of action. I have written myself into a horrible corner because there are levels of action that Bryan Hitch and Michael Bay would say, ‘Adam, calm down. Why don’t you tone it down a little bit?’"

DCU Elementary

Rich Johnston has the skinny on DC's newest kids' comic, DCU Elementary. I love all of DC's other kids' comics, but judging by the art alone, this could easily become my favorite. Check out Aquaman's waterglobe go-cart in the back there.


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

If you don't mind, I'm copying the poster in a forum I visit. Don't worry, I'm linking it back to your blog entry :)

Michael May said...

I don't mid at all. Thanks!

Lisa said...

That really is a fantastic movie poster.

Alexa D said...

I fucking love that costume. It updates the look, but still keeps very close to the spirit of the original costume and has a very Ancient Greek feel. Guh! I want it! Halloween isn't that far away!

Sleestak said...

Hot damn. I'd pay to sit in a theater and watch that costume on a hangar for 2 hours.

The Nerdy Bird said...

Sigh. If only.


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